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Emergency 3-Day Renal Diet For the Diabetic and the Non-Diabetic

Adult Renal Diabetic Three-Day Meal Plan for Emergencies The sample meal plan given contains approximately 43 grams of protein, 1200 mg. sodium, 1300 mg. potassium, 675 mg. phosphorus, 190 grams carbohydrate, and 1700 calories. You can adjust menus to fit your individual taste with the help of your dietitian. These [ ... ]

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Know What Emergency Diet to Follow if Your Dialysis Might be Delayed

Dialysis takes the waste from your blood. Wastes and fluids buildup between dialysis treatments. Normally, this build up is small and does not cause a problem between regular dialysis treatments but if your dialysis must be delayed, these wastes and fluids can add up and cause problems. To keep the [ ... ]

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Suggested Grocery List for Emergencies

Adult Renal Diabetic Diet This list provides a 6-day supply of canned foods and water. Use fresh foods as long as they are available. Bread/Cereal __ 1 loaf regular bread* (not salt free with NO preservatives) __ 1 box vanilla wafers or graham crackers or unsalted crackers __ 6 boxes [ ... ]

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