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We pride ourselves on our personalized care we give to each individual patient. Below are just a few points that separate our clinics from the rest.

  • We have bilingual staff including a bilingual nurse manager.
  • We are the longest existing dialysis clinic in Reading that is under the same ownership.
  • We have multiple staff with 20 plus years of experience.
  • We have experienced nurses, technicians, and ancillary staff members including social workers, dietitians, and biomedical technicians.
  • We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere to our patients.
  • Our clinics are partially physician owned, which allows doctors direct input into all areas of your care.


Pennsylvania Dialysis Clinic of Reading (PDCR) was established in 1986 to create something totally new in Berks County, namely an independent dialysis unit that was not owned and controlled by an institutional chain of healthcare facilities.

The process was not easy. It never is when the little guy (PDCR , at the time) goes up against the big institution. After a total of three public hearings and a subsequent public appeals hearing, all of which took well over a year to complete, PDCR was finally granted what was then known as a certificate of need which, at the time, was required to initiate dialysis services. PDCR subsequently expanded from its original quarters into its current spacious facility. Later we were able to purchase what became known as Reading Dialysis Center, which had previously been owned by a national dialysis unit chain and had been housed in a marginal, almost windowless cramped building in an inconvenient location with no safe parking options. After a long and meticulous site selection, design, and building process, this unit finally moved in 2014 to its current state-of-the-art site in Wyomissing.

We are a division of nobody else and are proud to say, uniquely, that we care for patients only in our two Berks County dialysis units. Our independence has enabled us to provide patient centered care in which your physician chooses dialysis equipment including machines, dialyzers, tubing, dialysate, etc. and all medicines (both in the unit and at home) without interference from corporate boards. Your physicians also have significant decision-making powers with respect to the daily management of the dialysis unit. All of the above are in stark contrast to the decision making process that occurs when a dialysis unit is owned by an international chain of dialysis units or by a national chain of health care facilities.

The advent of patient centered care, as opposed to institutional or dialysis chain centered care, brought a new local friendly and knowledgeable approach to dialysis management in Berks County in 1986, one which has thrived for more than thirty years. The independent dialysis unit can function far more responsively and efficiently to meet a patient’s medical and personal needs. From our humble beginnings in 1986 to our current up-to-date facilities, we have always strived to make decisions based on patient needs, not institutional or corporate needs. As an independent provider of dialysis services, we feel we are uniquely able to fulfill this goal and are committed to it. We invite you to share our vision.